09/2014 Some lists are updated when needed and a new "Wii U"/"PS4" and "XboxOne" games tab is added.

27/04/2013 All lists are updated and a new "PC"-games tab is added.

21/02/2012 Added a lot of Blu Rays and PS3/Xbox360 CE/LE titles to the collection.

21/09/2011 I updated the Xbox360 and PS3 lists. And I also noticed the Xbox gamertag link on this page doesn't work anymore. So I'll check it later.

04/04/2011 Check this out -> Yep, that's me !

24/03/2011 I included a Console tab where I'll list my consoles and other hardware. It is far from complete so it will be updated in the near future.

17/03/2011 As you probably noticed I rebuilt and restyled the complete website. The old one was made in 2003 in Frontpage and later managed in Dreamweaver. And you probably can guess a lot of unnecessary code was generated in these years. I also grew tired of the old style with to much subpages and Java buttons etc... The new site needed to be simple and clear in style, so I used a WordPress template and adjusted it to my needs to set up this new site. I'm aware there still is room for improvement, and I will probably implement more (small) restyling in the near future, but I hope you like it so far. If you notice something is not working well on the site (links, button, colors...) you may always let me know via the contact me form.

22/02/2011 A while ago I decided to expand my collection with all the Limited/Collector and Special Edition of PS3 and Xbox360 games.
Most of these Editions take a lot of space I was forced to put some of my Sega collection (Mastersystem and GameGear) in boxes. And I still need more space so I have two options. Stuff more Sega games/consoles in boxes and store them somewhere safe, or use the living space as an expansion of my gameroom. I'm pretty sure my wife won't be happy with the second option.
I'll upload some new pictures of the gameroom in a few weeks, but at the moment you can check out the PS3/Xbox360 lists for my new purchased LE/CE as they will be up-to-date.

24/10/2010 Some new updates in the Blu Ray / Xbox360 and PS3 lists. End of the year so a lot of limited/Collector's Editions are released.
And I've got some Sega games (about 60 titles) for sale on Ebay from 24/10 - 31/10.

20/09/2010 I have 84 Sega Megadrive games from my trading list on Ebay from 19/09 - 26/09. Check out the Ebay Sales tab if you're intrested. There are some rare titles between them.

19/06/2010 Nothing special. Just the usual updates for Xbox360, PS3 and Blu Ray.

22/02/2010 New updates for the games (Xbox360 and PS3) and Blu Ray lists.
I also updated the pictures of my gameroom as I was able to cram even more videogames stuff on my shelves and in the cupboards. Especially the Collector/Limited editions of the Xbox360/PS3 games are difficult to stock because they are a lot bigger compared to their retro counterpart. The Modern Warfare 2 Veteran edition for example is just ridiculous.

13/08/2009 Updated the Games and Movie lists. Mainly newer games as I'm not actively searching for the retro Sega games to complete my collection at the moment. But that doesn't mean I'm not intrested in them anymore. So if you have one I haven't got in my collection you know where to find me πŸ™‚ I'm also looking for an extra Toshiba HD-EP30/35 or HD-XE1 player. So if you've got a spare one you're willing to sell for a nice price, let me know. 23/02/2009 So what's new ? Well not much beside I bought a new tv (again) and this time it's a "Samsung LE46A956" LED LCD. Very cool tv indeed and the black ...well it's very black, like KURO black πŸ™‚ Anyway I'm very impressed with it and feel it's the perfect tv to play games on and watch HD movies. I will upload some new pictures in a while. As for gaming it's still only new games (Xbox360 and PS3) and still very quiet on the retro front. I had my eye on a few Mastersystem titles to complete my collection, but the prices were a little high in my opinion ...there is after all a financial/economic crisis going on πŸ˜‰ There weren't big releases for the new consoles the last 2 months after the rush in November/December last year (Resistance 2, GOW 2, Dead Space, COD 5, ...), so I finally had the time to finish some older games. But now the interesting games are showing up again. I downloaded GTA IV Episode The Lost And Damned this weekend. It's a nice feeling being back in Liberty City after almost a year. Today I received my Street Fighter IV Collector's Edition so the need for a new joypad will arise in a short while. And the months to come there will be Killzone 2, Resident Evil 5, DIRT 2, God Of War III, Tekken 6, Heavy Rain and a lot more great titles. 2009 may become a very bad year for our world economy, but I'm sure it will be a fantasic year for gaming !!

19/10/2008 Added a few Collector's Editions of Xbox360 games to my collection and pre-ordered quite a few for the coming weeks. I also placed an order for a new Megadrive game Pier Solar .... yes you read it right, a "NEW Megadrive game"

And I'm still adding new HD DVD movies so I'm well over the 200 titles bought at an average price of $5-$8. I'm also buying new Blu-Ray movies, but at a price of more than €20 per movie it's less frequent then the above mentioned HD DVD's If you're intrested in a boxed Sega MegaCD2 or/and a boxed Sega Saturn check out my Ebay auctions. They are from my personal collection so they're in great condition. 07/09/2008 I upgraded to a new version of Game Collector (the program I use to export my gamelists to html code) and now almost every game has a link to the Connect database. Instead of long alphabetical lists, everything is split up by letter to make it easier to search for games/movies. Beside some new HD DVD movies I also have some new Playstation, PS3 and Xbox360 games in my collection. It still quiet on the Sega front, but it's not easy to find the few rare games I still need in the collection for a decent price. So if you have a game I haven't got in my collection and are willing to sell/trade it you know where to find me :-). 17/06/2008 Updated the DVD/HD DVD and Bluray movie lists (especially the HD DVD movies because they are very cheap with Toshiba getting out of the High Def business (Β£4.99/title and even lower). Also added some new games to the PS3 (Limited Edition MGS4 with Snake statue), PS2, Playstation, Xbox360 (Limited Edition GTA IV, Limited Edition Alone in The Dark) and Sega Megadrive collection. 23/03/2008 I added some new HD DVD and Blu Ray titles and a few new games in the Xbox360 and PS3 lists. All the unsold Sega Game Gear games are back on Ebay at a lower startprice from today. Check it out -> Ebay Sales 16/03/2008 I placed all my Sega Game Gear doubles (complete with box) on Ebay (auction from 16/03 -> 23/03). So if you're intrested check ou the following link -> Ebay Sales 20/01/2008 A few new games (PS3/Xbox360) and HD DVD/Blu Ray movies added. I also included a rating (IMDB) for the movie collection. 09/01/2008 Not much, only some new HD DVD and Blu Ray movies and a couple of megadrive games added. 29/11/2007 I split up the Movie Collection list in the 3 formats (DVD, HD DVD and Blu ray) and added some new movies. I received my new Samsung LE40F86 lcd (very cool tv and perfect to watch those new Blu Ray and HD DVD movies), so I updated the gameroom pictures as promised. 29/10/2007 Added some Blu Ray and HD DVD titles to the Movie Collection. 12/10/2007 Still very quiet on the retro front. Just bought some new titles for the newer systems. Hope to receive my new tv (Samsung LE40F86) one of these days so I can take some new pictures of my re-arranged gameroom. 27/07/2007 I checked my lists and it seems some of them weren't updated for quite a long time. But they're all up-to-date now. I also should take some new pictures of my gameroom as I re-arranged it, but I'll wait for my new LCD (the reason for the re-arrange thing as I couldn't squeeze a bigger tv in the room with the old setup). I hope to be the happy owner of this new tv somewhere in September/October as I'm waiting for a couple of new models which are released the following weeks/months. 26/06/2007 Nothing special at the moment. Just a little update of the Xbox360, PS3 and Wii lists. I bought a few retro titles, and I'll update these lists later. 04/03/2007 I didn't plan it, but I'm sure if it wasn't now, I certainly would start searching for one as soon as they sold out at the end of this month. You probably guessed it by now ...yep I reserved a PS3 together with 3 games πŸ™‚ The games I ordered with it are Motorstorm, Resistance and a genre I missed on the Xbox360, Formula 1 Championship. Quite a costly affair but at least I'm getting a Casino Royale Blu-Ray with it if I register the PS3 fast enough ...and not to forget some rather nice new games to play πŸ˜‰ Ofcourse now I also need a new 1080p full HD tv to get the most out of it, but I'm working on that one. In the short future I'll put a message on this site and some forums when I finally will sell my complete Trading List. If you're intrested in it let me know. I'm willing to sell it per genre (Megadrive, Saturn, Dreamcast, ...) or I'll put all the games seperately on Ebay later. 02/02/2007 I have about 100 Sega Megadrive, Saturn, MegaCD and 32X games for sale on Ebay Check it out if you're intrested as I'm sure you'll find some nice titles between them. 20/12/2006 Bought me a Nintendo Wii, so I added a new section under the Nintendo systems 03/12/2006 Just a few updates in the Xbox, Xbox360 and DVD collections. 01/11/2006 All the new covers (front and back) are uploaded together with the updated gamelists. I also added my DVD Collection. You'll find the link to the collection between the MISC buttons. 29/10/2006 I have about 50 complete Megadrive games for sale on Ebay (29/10 -> 5/11). Most starting from 1,99 euro. Take a look if you're intrested. 13/10/2006 I'm busy including most front and back covers for GameGear, Megadrive and some other Sega systems at the moment. It's quite some work so I'll update the site in a couple of days. In the meanwhile keep an eye on my Ebay sales as I'll selling +80 games from 16/10 -> 23/10. Most of them are Megadrive games (including a very rare one, nl. an Ecco The Dolphin LE boxset) and also a couple of systems and a few sealed NES games. 07/10/2006 Fixed the Flash buttons so you don't have to double-click to activate it. 22/09/2006 As you maybe noticed the URL isn't active anymore (you will be redirected to this url). This is because I took another webhost where I got a free domainname in the hostingpackage and a lot more space. Since a counter was also included in the package, I removed the Nedstat counter so no more annoying pop-ups. An update of the site will follow in a few weeks as I have quite some pictures to add in the databases and some stuff to prepare for selling on Ebay. See you later. 20/08/2006 2 months passed since the last update. Really should try to update more often but nothing really changed, beside the Megadrive collection boost. 572 games in the PAL collection (and a couple on their way to me). If you only count the European PAL games (so no Australian PAL's or alternate cover versions), 9 more to go if no unknown rare games turn up in the future ofcourse. I placed them on the Wanted List, so if you have one or more of these titles for sale/trade let me know as I'm certainly intrested. I also got a lot of stuff (not on the Trading List) I'll put on Ebay in September but I'll let you guys know an exact date on the website. 13/06/2006 Since the weather isn't very good here in Portugal today I found some time to work on my website. I noticed it became a little slow to load due to all the flash buttons on the start page. So I separated the different systems in 4 main sections. Hopefully this will help a little. It also is necessary to double click on the buttons after the latest Windows security update. Maybe it can be turned off, but I haven't searched for it yet. You may always let me now if you know a way around it. The ringtones pop-up you sometimes get is probably triggered by the NetStat counter as I certainly have no code on my website and other people who use that same counter on their websites experience the same pop-ups. About the collection, well I mainly buy new xbox360 games and Megadrive games as I'm focused on completing this one next. Yesterday I finished Shining Force 2 for megadrive again (with the Gens emulator) after playing it about 12 years ago. It was a great trip in the past and it still is as fun as it was then.. In my opinion it's the greatest RGP serie ever made (yes even better then the mighty FF serie) and I really hope Sega's Sonic Team will make another one for the new systems. 06/05/2006 Nothing special this time beside a few updates in the gameslists. It's a little quieter on the retrofront as I'm spending my money and time on component switches, configuring routers and wireless game expanders to get everything online and connected to the LCD in my gameroom. But the collection is still growing (about 2200 games), especially the Megadrive one. I went to the cinema last week to see Silent Hill and I was really impressed with the results. In my opinion the best game related movie ever made. It was a while I came out of the theatre without the feeling I wasted my time and money on some crappy movie. So my advice is, ignore the negative reviews from the so called 'expert critics' and go watch it asap, especially if you're a gamer and know the Silent Hill games. Ok, that's it for now ...gonna finish Silent Hill 4 : The Room on Xbox πŸ™‚ 24/03/2006 No update this time, but a message that had nothing to do with gaming or collection. The chance is little he/she will read this, but anyway this is a note for the filthy thief that stole my digital camera with my kids pictures on it in the Aquadome of Centerparcs De Vossemeren on 22th March. "I guess you think you're the man now don't you ? But you're nothing more than a low-life piece of shit. I hope you, and everyone who's envolved get fucked for the rest of their miserable shitty life. How low can you fall that even after seeing the pictures of little kids playing on a stolen camera and still have not enough decency returning it. Up yours pathetic asshole, people like you don't deserve to breath the same air as the rest of us do. Now give me back my camera or get the fuck of my website and start praying I never find you because this is personal for me !!" For the rest of the people, sorry about the hard language, but I really am pissed about it (especially for my kids pictures). Now you guys are also aware of the excistence of this little bastard with absoluty no morality. Probably I'll never find it back, but if any of you know someone who suddenly has a new black digital Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ5 after a week Centerparcs or you find one on ebay without the battery charger for example I would greatly appriciate you let me know. 12/03/2006 Here's the update I promised you. The collection which increase the most lately is the PAL Megadrive as I set my senses on completing that one. PAL Mastersystem is near completion, but most of the titles I still need are quite difficult to find or very expensive, but I'll get them eventually. Since I sold my complete Mastersystem trading list (beside a few which I will sell in a package later) I disabled the link to that page. I also decided not to add any title to the other lists unless it's a very rare one. If I find games I already have in my collection they will be sold on Ebay and it will be mentioned on this page if it's a big lot or something special. Which bring me to the rather nice package I have on Ebay at the moment (12/03/2006 => 19/03/2006), nl a Megadrive 2 (boxed)/Megacd 2 (boxed)/Sega 32X (lose) with a bunch of games and some other megadrive packages. Finally I checked all the url's on my links page and corrected them when necessary and added quite some new ones. Don't forget to check them out. And if you got a videogames related website yourself let me know and I'll add it. I promised I would take new pictures of my gameroom with the new tv-setup and I did. Check them out on the pictures page. 27/02/2006 Still no updates but again quite some Mastersystem and Megadrive games on Ebay at the moment. The auction started on Sunday 26/02/2006 => 05/03/2006. Check out my Ebay Sales if you're intrested in finding some nice games for your collection. Also one other quite note ...I finally got my lcd hdtv :-), a Samsung LE32M61. Quite an impressive screen and now I can play those xbox360 games the way they're meant to be played. I also found a way to play xbox games in progressive scan mode on a PAL xbox via a nice forum, but I'm still waiting for the component cables to test it in detail, but I'm quite sure it will give a nice result. Next time I promise there will be some updates on the gamelists and I probably will make some new picture of the gameroom with the new tv setup. 08/02/2006 No time for updating the lists with the new games at the moment, but a quick message for those intrested in completing their Mastersystem collection. I'll put my complete Mastersystem trading list on Ebay at the end of this week. These auctions will start from Sunday evening 12/02/2006 => 19/02/2006. There will also be some Megadrive games for sale at the same time and one of them will be Alien Soldier. So don't forget to check out my Ebay Sales 18/12/2005 Mission accomplished, I got my Xbox360 without having to order it. Most shops said it would be impossible to find one before January without ordering it but I proved them all wrong. Just call enough stores to annoy the shop assistants with the same question over and over again and one day the will give up and sell you one πŸ™‚ Anyway it's a nice console but I really need a HD tv to get the most out of it. As for the online part of the 360 I think Microsoft got it right. The Live marketplace is very nice and they thought of everything this time, private chat sessions with the voice commander, downloading demo's/trailers/old arcade games ...very cool. Also the ability to stream mp3s from your pc and use personal photos as your wallpaper for the dashboard is great fun. I replaced the Hardware tab with one for the Xbox360 as the first one didn't really had any use for the moment (still no decent link). I'll add a new Hardware link in the future after I finally took pictures of my consoles. Don't forget to check out my Ebay auctions as I've got some Mastersystem and Megadrive games for sale this week (19/12 - 26/12). It's not part of the Big (Trading List) Sale I mention in previous updates but maybe you find something intresting. 11/12/2005 Ok it's final, I'll certainly sell all my games from the Trading List in the very near future (probably next year January-February). All the games will be sold on Ebay and I'll make an announcement on some forums and on this website so you are informed about the games for sale that moment. I'll sell them per system because that will be the easiest to follow up. If you want you can also add my Ebayuser to your favourite sellers. Normally if you do this you'll get a message when I place new games on Ebay. Ofcourse you can make me a nice offer for all the +400 games together (or maybe per system) but I guess it has to be quite some amount to pursuade me to sell them all together πŸ™‚ No more other news beside the usual new additions to my collection but it's a little quiter at the moment. Still no Xbox360 neither (sold out everywhere), but I'm sure I''l have one shortly although I'm not sure where to place it. 15/10/2005 First let me say I hit that 2000 games mark I was talking about in the previous update. No other collection complete this time but I'm quite busy on the Megadrive one. Still quite a few titles to go but I'll get there eventually. Most of the Megadrive/Genesis, 32X and MegaCD/SegaCD covers are added so I only need to find (or scan) the covers of the Game Gear games. So if you know where to find them or you have a lot of those covers yourself let me know. Also a little update for the Wanted list but still the same rule, even if it's not on the list I still might be intrested. Since my collection is coming closer to completion I'm starting to think about selling most of the games in the trading list as every day there are less games to trade for me and to be honest it's not a big succes beside a few very nice trades. (Just traded some Mastersystem games with SegaFreak for a nice sealed Press Sample of Radiant The Silvergun on Saturn). I also feel the urge buying myself a LCD HD TV so I can play Xbox 360 games in HD as they are meant to be played in a couple of months. So if it comes that far (and mostly when I feel such 'urge' it will) I can use the money. But before it all comes to this 'Big Sale' I'll make an announcement on the site and some gamesforums so I'm sure everybody who might be intrested will know about it. Ok, that's it for now. See ya later and maybe there will be that "announcement" next time πŸ˜‰ 06/08/2005 As promised here's the next update with the Trading List (and especially the Mastersystem games) complete. I guessed right last time as there are now 111 Mastersystem games to trade which bring the total at 440 games. Don't tell me you can't find at least one intresting game in this list πŸ™‚ I also have over 200 games which I'll put for sale on Ebay the coming weeks so keep an eye on that one also as there will be some rares between them. That is it for now beside the usual new games in my collection. (Yes, I keep buying more of them every week) About 40 games to go and the collection will hit the 2000 mark. This is the trading games not included ofcourse. 20/07/2005 This month I had the honor and luck to meet a very nice collector who decided to sell his more than perfect SMS collection to me instead to a merchant who only wants to make a profit and don't know jack shit about the real value of such treasure. Therefore Zebow thanks for your very wise decision, you made me very happy πŸ™‚ The only problem was that I had to re-organize my gameroom (again) to stock everything. But you don't hear me complain as due to Zebow's collection I'm a lot closer to completing the SMS collection. I also appreciate his effort giving me advice and sending me links to some intresting SMS auction which helps me completing this collection.. Since Zebow's lifework (or at least a couple of years from his life) counts about 300 games I have a lot of work putting them in my databases. With this upload only the SMS collection is updated and you'll have to got patience for the Trading Zone because it's a lot of work to check all those games. But you can be sure there will be quite some new SMS titles in the trading section with the next update. I guess it will exceed the +100 mark. So keep an eye on it as I'll do my best to update this asap together with the other collections. 02/07/2005 Just back from a holiday so I had a little time to make some minor changes beside the usual updates. The Details part of the gamelists have a slighty other look and I also removed some unnecessary fields and added some new ones in the main gamelists. Now you can also go to the next/previous game in the Details part without having to go back to the main gamelist or use the back function in the browser as you can do it in the window itself. I also added a few links to some intresting websites from fellow collectors. And what's new in the game department, well beside the usual (read fanatic) purchases of some SMS, MD and GameGear games I made quite a stir on some forums when I bought a PAL Primal Rage for 32X on Ebay for quite some money. Actually it was more off a trade with a friend collector but I'm not going to dwell about it. The most important thing is I got this very rare gem of a game and he got some nice profit, so everybody happy πŸ™‚ So I only need Darxide for 32X and this collection will also be complete. I uploaded the missing game pictures in the trading list and added some more games. So with 373 games in the list now I hope everyone can find something of interest. There will also be an Ebay sale of +100 games for different Sega systems the coming weeks so check out that also if you're looking for some bargains. 06/05/2005 Not that it's much but the Wanted List is back online. 17/04/2005 More then two months since the last update ...hmm I really should try to be faster next time. So what's new, well to be honest not that much beside the fact I made a big mistake a while ago when bragging my Saturn was complete. Because it wasn't !! I completely forgot about one title, nl. Midway Arcade's Greatest Hits. Ofcourse I corrected this asap and it is in my collection now. So I'm 99,9% sure it's complete for real with 24O PAL titles. But as I was wrong last time one can't be completely sure so if you know about a PAL Saturn title not in my collection yet please let me know. Ooh and Tom be sure not to be drunk when checking the lists for games that aren't there πŸ˜‰ I also am busy buying Game Gear and Mastersystem games. But I'm pretty sure it will take a while before these collections are complete. I really want the Game Gear games complete boxed and not cartridge only. But the collection is getting bigger each week πŸ™‚ Last week I made a complete fool out myself (again) when ordering a Happy Meal menu at McDonalds just to get the new Sega games they're giving away now. I was alone so I couldn't use my 2,5 year old daughter as an excuse. But I guess they are use to it as they sell those gadgets seperately ..or maybe they recognized me from the last time πŸ™‚ Ok that's it for now. Don't forget to check out the trading section as there are +360 titles on the different Sega consoles to trade at the moment. I'll try to upload the missing picture of the new games in that list asap. (Wanted List is offline temporary because I got some shortage of diskspace on the server at the moment) 06/02/2005 Been a while but here I am with a new update. Biggest collection boost ever especially for the GameGear and Megadrive collection. All credit for this goes to Jan VT who decided to sell his complete collection to me for a more than reasonable price. Thanks man, you made me a happy man πŸ™‚ Thanks to him I also decided I'll try to complete my GameGear collection next because Jan had quite an impressive GG collection (about 100 complete boxed titles, most of them mint and some even sealed!!) and it would be a shame not to continue that. Because of this cool deal I also obtained a lot of double MegaCD, Megadrive and GameGear games so you certainly have to check out the Trading Zone as I'm pretty sure there will be something here you're looking for !! The only problem I had with all those new games was a shortage in space, so I had to reorganize my gameroom and I managed to cram another cupboard in it ..don't ask me how I did it but it envolved quite some pushing and cursing πŸ™‚ I took some new pictures of the room after all the moving and uploaded them under the "new gameroom" section when you push the Pictures tab on the left of this screen. 20/12/2004 Ok here we are again. Been quite a busy month on the home front with a newborn baby (a son named Axl) in the house again and his overactive little sister. But fun in stressy kinda way πŸ™‚ And what are the odds being born on the day one of the biggest games in the history of Xbox was released, nl. Halo 2 on 9th November 2004. So their tagline "Earth will never be the same" has indeed some impact on me. Maybe they better used "Your nights will never be the same", but hey who needs sleep as it's just a waste of time anyway πŸ˜‰

And what's new on the collection front, well I completed the PAL Saturn (239) and PAL MegaCD (97) collections also! Quite an achievement I find it myself. So together with the PAL Dreamcast collection already 3 of the ... complete. I'm almost there ...hmm not quite I'm afraid. But on the positive side I still have something to spend my money on πŸ˜‰

If you think "hey those are not complete because he misses title X for that console", please let me know because maybe I somehow missed a game. I really don't want to be the guy who "thinks" he got a complete collection as that's quite pathetic I think. Believe me I met a few in the past πŸ™‚

I also added new titles for almost every Sega system in the Trading Zone so don't forget to check it out.

That's it for this update, have fun browsing through my website and if you find something intresting or you have a question don't hesitate to contact me.

Have a happy New Year everyone, and remember keep on gaming !

04/11/2004 This will be the last update before I'm getting daddy again, so next time we will be with 4 instead 3. So bye bye with the peace and quiet in the house ...hmm now that I think about it, it was never quiet in house so that isn't changing at all πŸ™‚ Actually I kinda like all the activity in house, it is the sleep that I'll miss the first months πŸ˜‰

Ok and now about this update. Well I finally completed the PAL Dreamcast collection thanks to my fellow collector Tom (Liverpool). So thanks for that one mate πŸ™‚ The Saturn collection is also very near to completion (less then 10 titles to go) and if everything will go by plan the MegaCD will also be complete. So I'm wondering which Sega system I'll be focussing on next. Maybe Mastersystem ...if I find the room to stock them

Check out the trading List also as there are many changes, some stuff is gone but a lot of new games (saturn, megadrive, mastersystem and megacd) are added.

14/09/2004 The Saturn collection is also growing with the day (about 32 more titles) and with the next uptdate I hope to have a complete Dreamcast PAL collection ...yes I finally will have Disney's Dinosaurs by then if everything goes by plan πŸ™‚

To complete the PAL MegaCD collection I only need Shining force CD as I bought Samurai Showdown a while ago (now getting it in Belgium in one piece and I'll be a happy man). As for the Shining Force ..."Jan I hate you for not willing to trade it !" No man, only joking. I'm glad for you finding it at such a cheap price you lucky sod. Nice one πŸ™‚

13/09/2004 Just a quick upload of the Trading List as there is quite some new stuff available in the Saturn section. I also added a lot of new pictures in the databases but doing so means I need a lot more webspace and my provider won't allow that without me paying more. So I'm searching for other ways bringing the stuff online πŸ˜‰

Just a quick note to StΓ©phane and Alec : "It took a while, but you guys can stop laughing at me now for not being able to play Doom 3. I'm playing it right now in High Detail/1280*1024 thanks to the Geforce FX5900 I borrowed from my good buddy Day." Thanks mate I own you one πŸ™‚

15/08/2004 Uploaded the missing pictures in the trading list as promised in the last update

09/08/2004 Another month another update (actually it was more than a month but what the heck it was, and still is to hot to work on my website)

You probably noticed I changed the background of the site as it's a little lighter now. I was tired of that black/white numbers background. I also started looking for the correct pictures to go with the games. I found most of the PAL Saturn covers on workhoss' website and quite some PAL megadrive covers on Zonesega. I tried to contact both of the admins of those websites but didn't got any reaction so I hope they don't mind I used their covers.

As for the other updates and yet more games in the databases. The PAL Saturn collection is starting to look just fine with +170 games now. Give it a few more months and it will also be near completion πŸ˜‰

Also check out the trading section of the site as I've got quite some new games (especially PAL Saturn) to trade.

Ooh and I also removed the expected list I added last time as it was already out of date the next day I uploaded it so it wasn't very usefull ...and I had to remove a button for the layout on the left to fit on the page πŸ˜‰

That's it for now. I'll add the missing pictures in the trading list one of these days when I found the time to take them.

Any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to contact me.

28/06/2004 "Been a while since the last update but we had some very bad news to deal with the last weeks, namely the tragic and sudden decease of my little nephew Yordi (only 8 years old). He was a very lively boy who was actually a soulmate when it came to playing games. I'm sure he would have become my equal in playing and collection videogames. Therefore this little note for you Yordi, maybe time will heal the wounds but you'll always be remembered by your family and friends. May you Game On forever my little friend."

(Yordi Wens 03/10/1995 - 07/06/2004)

Ok, after this sad message now for the updates this month. The usual new games in the collection and the Trading List (nope still no Dinosaur yet. I guess I do it on purpose just to not "be done" with the DC PAL collection). Anyway since the DC collection is almost complete I decided to begin completing the PAL Saturn collection so I have something new to spend my money on πŸ˜‰

I'm also working on the layout of the website. So far I moved this update page to the start page and I changed the layout of the Links page and added a few intresting websites. I also added a fews buttons on the left, nl. the Hardware button where I'll place pictures of all my Sega and other hardware in the future. Also placed the "About Me" button at the left of the page and the "Contact Me" in the right bottom.

A last change for this update is the addition of an "Expected List". Since I keep buying stuff I always have this issue when I do an update that some of the games I bought aren't in my possession yet and therefore not in my Database. So check this list to see what I expect to arrive within the next couple of days/weeks

23/05/2004 A quick update before I'm off on a two weeks vacation to Mallorca. Just one more game (Dinosaur) to complete the PAL Dreamcast collection. Also some new games for the other consoles and in the trading list, so check them out also. See you after my holiday πŸ™‚

01/05/2004 Added quite some games to my collection for most of the systems. PAL Dreamcast only 2 more to go and it's complete. I'm also giving this site a little makeover and so far I included some Flash and used a couple of original Sega Fonts at the region selection screens. Also some changes in the Trading database as I separate it in all the different systems. I also took pictures of my new gameroom so feel free to check them out. There will be some other esthetic changes in the near future so feel free to give your opinion.

08/04/2004 Been a while since I updated the databases so a lot of new games for the different platforms. The PAL Megacd is almost complete (only 2 more to go) and the PAL Dreamcast is also near completion (around 10 more titles) I'm wondering which platform will be next πŸ˜‰

29/02/2004 Beside the usual database updates, I added a submenu for each platform where you can choose the games per region, nl. PAL/Europe, NTSC/US and NTSC/JAP. Also check out the Trading List as I added a lot of new games to trade (164 games at the moment).

27/01/2004 The games keep coming so another update of the MegaCD, MasterSystem, Saturn and Trading Zone.

10/01/2004 I received a couple of nice games which I placed in the Trading list. I also bought some rare MegaCD titles and a couple of new games for Saturn and Megadrive. Uploaded some new covers for MegaCD and removed some old ones as I'm trying to get the correct covers (PAL/NTSC) for all my games in time.

05/01/2004 A new year (Happy New Year to all of you) and another update of the Trading, MegaCD/SegaCD, Megadrive, Saturn and Game Gear lists. I also included a "Wanted" List with games I'm looking for. And finally I replaced a couple of the MegaCD and 32X NTSC pictures with the correct PAL ones. Big Thanx to SeGaFrEaK for letting me use his scans πŸ™‚

08/12/2003 Updated Gamecube, Xbox, PS2, Megadrive lists.

25/11/2003 Updated the GameCube list and the Links page.

18/11/2003 Added games to PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Megadrive and Trading lists.

04/11/2003 Added some games and pictures to the Trading list.

01/11/2003 Uploaded some pictures of my "game-attic". Check out the Sega Consoles part of the website.

31/10/2003 Added games to Mastersystem, Megadrive, Saturn, MegaCD, 32X, Dreamcast and Trading lists. Also adjust/added region and format in the Product Details of all gamelists, so they are all correct now πŸ™‚

25/10/2003 Added games to Xbox and Gamecube lists.

21/10/2003 Uploaded pictures I took from the games in the Trading Zone.

20/10/2003 Website online.